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Role Model By Choice

Role Model by Choice

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of our neighbors asked Cade to be on their rodeo team. Cade who is 15, had never competed on a team, said "Sure, I will be on a team!" The days before the…

God Confidence Vs. Self Confidence

God Confidence vs. Self Confidence

A Sunday Thought~God Confidence vs. Self Confidence This week Cody and I have been talking about the difference in God-confidence and our self-confidence. It has been so good for me that I decided to share my thoughts with you all. You…

Fun Fact Friday~Calving Survival Tips

Fun Fact Friday~ Calving Season Survival TipsNew Life on the Circle L! We’re entering two of my favorite times of year right now; basketball playoffs and calving season. The goal of a basketball team is to make a deep run in…

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