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What If?

I love this picture of Papa's hands.O if hands could talk...But they do show hard work and love.(Picture credit to Melissa Amateis)What if?With all the issues facing our Ag community.  I thought about some What if’s?A Farmer doing what they…

Kimball Ranch Rodeo

Ranch Rodeo TIME!!My husband and 3 of his friends participate in Ranch Rodeos in Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Their goal is to end up at the WSRRA finals in Winnamacca, Nevada this fall.  I thought I would share…

Cowboys are Forever

  Cowboys are Forever Some say a Cowboy’s life is dreary Some say it’s free from care, Rounding up the cattle from morning till night, On the bald sand hills so bare. Just about five o’clock, he’ll roll out of…

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