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Beef… It is what’s for lunch at Bridgeport Public School.

Beef… It is what’s for lunch at Bridgeport Public Schools.

Bridgeport, Nebraska is a proud agriculturally based community.  Recently, Bridgeport Public Schools approved a program that would demonstrate this pride by serving locally raised, USDA approved beef.  The concept is for beef to be donated by local producers, processed by one of our local meat processors, KDK Meats, and served in school lunches.  As of today Bridgeport School has received 4 head of cattle for this program. 

This is a statement released by the Bridgeport School:
“At Bridgeport Schools we are very proud of being in an agricultural based community and realize that without all of the agricultural property in our district, our school could not operate. One idea that has come up that would show this pride; is if we were able to serve beef that was raised locally and USDA approved. 
One way we believe we can do this, is by having locally raised beef donated to be processed at KDK Meats.  Many will say that area cattle producers already give enough to the school district through property tax.  Which is very true, but we have had several area producers say they would be interested in donating a cow/fat steer if that meant locally raised beef would be served at Bridgeport Public Schools.”
“The program would work this way.  If a cow/fat steer was donated to be processed, the donor would have their name put in our monthly newsletter as the “Beef Provider of the Month” and this would also be on a sign in the cafeteria.  Starting this fall our monthly newsletter will be bulk mailed and every mailbox in our district will receive one.”
“We realize timing can be very important in donating an animal so we would be very open to working with the producer’s production schedule.  We believe we will need about 12 cows/fat steers a year to make this work.  The school will pay for the processing and will look for a grant that might help cover that fee.  However, if you are thinking “I don’t raise cattle, but I would love to donate for the processing of an animal” then just let us know and we can make that happen. Also some have mentioned buying one at the fair and donating it.”
“If you have interest in being part of this program please contact Jeff Pohl (279-0409) or Superintendent Chuck Lambert (262 1470) for more details or questions.”

I couldn’t be more proud of the school’s decision to serve locally grown and processed beef as part of their lunch program.  I am also a relieved mother, knowing that I can send my kids to school and they are going to have a healthy, nutritious meal. 

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