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Beef Fact Friday

Beef Fact Friday

Cows.. there’s a lot more to cattle than just a bunch of bessies sitting around chewing their cud. 

They provide milk and meat that our world depends on.

But did you know that domestic cows are actually descendants of wild oxen call aurochs. 

In 2009, scientists mapped out the bovine genome and discovered that cattle have about 22,000 genes; 80% of their genes are shared with humans.  Does that make you say ummm? It did me.

Female beef cattle are called cows.

Male beef cattle are called bulls.

Castrated males are called steers.

Female beef cattle that are young are called heifers.

Cows never sleep standing up. They sleep lying down and about 4 hours a day.

Beef cattle have almost 300 degrees of vision but they can not see right in front of them or behind them.

Beef cattle can not see the color red.

Beef cattle provide us with meat.

Dairy cattle provide us with milk.

Beef cattle can smell up to 5 miles away.

Did you learn anything about beef cattle? Did I miss an interested fact? 

Happy Friday!!



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  1. The link states cows spend 10-12 hrs a day laying down. I wish my cows would do that, our pasture & hay would last a lot longer. Instead they spend about that much time grazing & eating. 🙂

    1. Well you know that they have great digestive system right? So they eat, sleep and poop!! Thanks for the comment.

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