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God~Our Team Captain

God~Our Team Captain

God~ Our Team Captain My Sunday thoughts are quit simple. God is our team captain. This is what I have been thinking about, When I was in school, a while back, our PE teacher would pick team captains. It was…

God Confidence Vs. Self Confidence

God Confidence vs. Self Confidence

A Sunday Thought~God Confidence vs. Self Confidence This week Cody and I have been talking about the difference in God-confidence and our self-confidence. It has been so good for me that I decided to share my thoughts with you all. You…

Cowboy Boots Go To The City

Cowboy Boots Go to the City

Cowboy Boots Go to the City Young Cattlemen's Conference 2017 By Naomi Loomis, Circle L Ranch Featured in the National Cattlemen's Newsletter. “Raising beef is my job and sometimes in our business we don’t realize just how big the Ag…

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