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A View from the Skies!

A View from the Skies!

Dream BiG, Never Give UP,
Obstacles are just Clouds on our minds Sky!
Getting ready for take off.
(Photo Credit: My Cowboy) 

Today I thought I would share with you a little bit of the Nebraska Sand hills that we call home!
A month or so ago, My Cowboy and I had the opportunity to fly the hills with a neighbor.
I have to say that I can not wait to go again.
The adventure was amazing.
The pictures below show that God is still in control.
This year we have been receiving amazing amount of rain.  The view of all the water was breath taking.
The little red plane gave us quite the tour!
I had to apologize to a few neighbors for not getting a picture of your place.  I was trying to take pictures, and look and it doesn’t always work out together!  I promise the next time I go up, I will take a picture.
Thank you, Dan for the ride.

Box Lake- This is one of our lakes. Who would like to go Boating.

Another photo of Box Lake.  This lake has an old car on the beach,
it is currently under water. 

Windmill.  Look at all the rolling Sand hills.
Circle L Cattle.  

Circle L Cattle 

You can not see it, but where the trees stand is an old home stead.

A Neighbor- Steve and Darlene Martin-Rush Creek Ranch

A Neighbor- Todd and Shelli Micheal-Covalt Ranch

Roach Lake

Roach Lake

This is a currently our road going in to the ranch house. 

Another view of our road. The county was nice enough to put in
a ramp so that we can go around.

Our place that we call Home.  Circle L Ranch.
Ranch Life spotlights the character of people:
Some turn up their sleeves,
Some turn up their noses,
and some don’t turn up at all.

I believe the windmill is working!! 

The paddle boats.

Remember my lake post? Well here are a few of the lake from
the skies. 

Yep, looks like someone lives there.
We are more than grateful that God is allowing us to be ranchers,
land stewards, parents, business managers, teachers, friends, and animal caretakers.

Some call it the middle of nowhere. I call it the center of our world.

Sand Lake

Circle L hay field.

What this World still needs is big open spaces with hay bales and cattle.
Murphy homestead. 

A Neighbor-Aaron Vivion- Leo Sheep Company

Our Aunt Diana’s place.  This place is part of the Loomis Heritage.

A Neighbor-Charles and Carmen Mulloy- Mulloy Ranch

My Cowboy and Dan. Thank you,  Dan for taking us for a ride.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”
~Henry Ford
We all have wings,
so let them fly.

We would like to say “Thank You” to Dan for letting us fly the skies with you!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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