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A Sunday Thought

A Sunday Thought~Pleasing Everyone is Impossible

A Sunday Thought~Pleasing Everyone is Impossible

Instead of criticizing, lets encourage each other.


There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? LORD, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us.
Psalms 4:6
Have you ever heard the ancient fable story by Aesop about his son and donkey?

Well let me tell you,

One fine morning, a father and his son were on their way to market leading their donkey, which would carry their purchases home.
On the way, they met one of their neighbors, who said, “How silly of you both to walk when you have such a fine donkey.”
So the father set his son on the donkey, and they continued toward the market, still talking and and enjoying the morning.
As they came to a bend in the road, they met another , who said to the son, “How rude you are to ride while your old father must walk.”
So the child slid down from the donkey’s back, the father climbed on, and they continued toward town.
As they topped a little hill, they were met by yet another neighbor, who scowled at the father and said, “What a selfish father you are to make this dear child walk while you, a grown man, ride.
So the father pulled his son in from of him on the donkey’s back. Of course, it wasn’t long  until they met a fourth neighbor. 
“How cruel you are,” he said. “To make this poor donkey carry the two of you.”
So they both slid off the donkey, and the strong father promptly picked up the animal and put it across his shoulders.
As they walked along, still talking and still enjoying the day, they met yet another neighbor, who doubled over in laughter. “That is the most stupid things I’ve ever seen! Donkeys are to be ridden, not carried!

What did you think as you read this fable?

We all have opinions? Right or Wrong, we have opinions.

There is a fine line between what is right and what is custom; between what is wrong and what is only different, and between what is a wise action and what is a pitiful attempt to please those around us.

As I seek God’s direction today my prayer is this:
Lord, I admit I want the approval of those around me. I listen to their voices and accept their standards even though I know your ways will bring peace rather than chaos, joy rather than regret. Help me to accept your guidance first and then accept all of your strength to follow it. 

Happy Monday, Friends!!
Do you have a favorite fable? Share it please.

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