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A Sunday Thought

A Sunday Thought~Peace, Love and Thankfulness

A Sunday Thought~Peace, Love & Thankfulness

Peace, love and thankfulness.

I love this picture, I see peace and I am thankful for the life that God has given me



And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body;and be ye thankful.
Col 3:15
My thoughts this week include peace, love and thankfulness.

We all have struggles, difficulties and challenges. Right?

We think that we have more problems then everyone around us. Right?

Well that is wrong.

I believe that we make the mistake of allowing our struggles, our difficulties, our challenges, and certain circumstances dictate our happiness. When we make this mistake we are missing out on God’s messages.  Does that make sense?

God never said that one day we should be on “cloud nine” and the next day we should “be in the dumps.” What God wants us to do is live consistently and enjoy every day of our lives.

So how do we live consistently?

We have peace, love and thankfulness.

One thing that I have been doing to help with my own self is rereading a book called, Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba. I highly recommend it for everyone that needs a little push in the right direction. Reading this book has made me appreciate myself and my thoughts. It has also brought more peace, love and thankfulness to my soul. We all have a purpose and I aim to find mine.

I want you to help you find yours as well.

You know what else causes us to not have peace, love and thankfulness?

Negativity! Judging! Blaming!

We focus on the what could happen. We focus on insecurities. We focus on what we see on the outside. We get focused on the negatives. We focus on others flaws.

Well I am here to tell you this:

When tomorrow comes, God will provide.
He will give us what we need, but we have to have peace, love and thankfulness to see it. 

We only have today to achieve peace, love and thankfulness.

Here is a few ways that I know will achieve peace, love and thankfulness:

Stop Labeling!
Let go of our Past!
Don’t Compare!
Be Kind!
Don’t use Excuses!
Nurture and Take Care of all our Relationships!
Make Goals and Commit to them.
Take care of ourselves.
Dream Big!
Give Everyday!
Keep Praying!!
My ending thoughts are these:

I want to live my life in a way that I can have peace, love and thankfulness. I know that the world around us is not at peace, but we can help everyday by being a example to all of those around us. That is what I aim to do and I want you to join me.  Will you? Comment below, Yes or No!! Let help each other out.

Happy Monday, Friends!!

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