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A Sunday Thought

A Sunday Thought from the Circle L ~ Our Battle Field

A Sunday Thought from the Circle L ~ Our Battle Field

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Everyday we need to bow our heads, get to our knees and ask God to help us with our mind war.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. 
Isiah 26:3
Do you believe this?
We are fighting a war everyday.
Whether or not you are aware of it, we have a war raging all around us, and we have a battle for our minds. Our enemy’s target happens to be our thoughts. Our enemy wants to control how we think, because when he has our minds, he can control our entire lives.
So how do we know when the enemy is close?
Our enemy is very patient. He will wait until we least expect him. He loves control. He loves to put negative thoughts in our minds. This is how the enemy talks to us:
Obsesses, Confuses, Pushes, Frightens, Rushes, Discourages, Condemns, Worries.
This is how God talks to us:
Calms, Comforts, Leads, Stills, Encourages, Enlightens and Fills us with Peace, Provides Joy.
Our thoughts determine our actions, our attitudes, and our self image. Our thoughts determine our destiny.
Thoughts are POWERFUL. Words are POWERFUL.
You see we can WIN our War. We have God on our side, and all we need to do is let him fight the fight for us. Prayer and positive thoughts will strengthen our force.
I am going to leave you with these thoughts:
The enemy of ours is not after our money or our stuff. All he really wants is our minds, our attitudes, our hearts, our faith and our peace. He wants the things we can not see. He wants to battle for it. Our mind will always believe everything we tell it. This week I want to win the battle and I want you to win as well.  Let’s feed our mind with faith, feed it with peace, and feed it with love.
Do you need help in your battle field?
I would be glad to help.
Happy Monday, Friends!!

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