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A Neighborhood Gathering 2014

 A Neighborhood Gathering 2014
On a cool, crisp morning we rode out first light.  
The view was amazing.
The view that God was near.
Green grass and fresh morning air,
Made my lungs fill with delight.
It was easy to forget all my troubles

When I saw something so peaceful.
God put us here for a reason.
To take care of his land, and his animals.
On a cool, crisp morning I found myself on top of a Wyoming mountain.
Naomi Loomis 2014
I love these Twisted X Boots!! 

I have always thought that it takes a special person to be able to capture the beauty of our way of life.  Today I would like to share some photos taken by a special lady.  Her name is Lindsey Mills. You can find her on Facebook at  Lazy P X Photography.

Can you see the beauty of the day?
Please enjoy!
My Cowboy and his mounts for the day.
Radar & Roanie
My Hero wears Cowboy Boots and I
call him Dad

Aaron & Goliath

Old Gray 
~All you need is a good horse, a saddle and a catchy rope!~

Cary and Levi
Have you every thought about the loop of your rope?
It is very important part of your success.
Calm and strong~That is what makes a good horse in the Branding corral.
O the eyes of a Cowboy. I am thankful for this Cowboy everyday.
Bo & Audra ~ Their hard work shows!

As Ranchers, it is our job to keep these young bovine healthy.


“Boots, Chaps, a rope and a Cowboy Hat is all
that matters!”

Communication is an important part of Life.  


Cowgirls Gear!


A little Cowboy Dreams Away
“Long Ropes”


Audra~The smile tells it all!!

 Bo & Audra and Tel

This little Cowboy made me smile all day!
Never Hate
Worry Less
Live Simply
Expect a little
But Give A lot
Always wear a Smile
Live with Love
Be Close to God.
    Cowboy Gear  

“This ain’t my first gathering.”
Taking care of our bovine is one of
my highest priority’s.  As you can see
other outfits have the same goal. 

There is no better reward then being
a Cowgirl!

O the places this Cowboy has been. What a great hand!

This little Cowboy named Tel.
He is already steeling hearts.  
Of all the things I have to accept in life,
I pray that God will never let me know the last time I ride a horse
Good things happen to those who
work their Butts off!! 
It isn’t the clothes that makes a Cowgirl,
It’s her will and attitude!


My Cowboy on his Mount. 

 Thank you Lindsay for sharing your photos with
me. You are amazing.

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