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A Morning of Feeding with the twins!!!

So I thought I would share some of my thoughts and a story with you all. 
I volunteered to feed the other day since Cody was working.  So my bright idea was to feed after breakfast but before the babies would take their morning nap.  Ryder and Reata love to feed so I loaded them in the p-up and heading out.  We had a good time.  I really never stopped and thought about how hard it is to feed 100s of cows and keep a watch on two little people that have no fear.  They love to “MOOO” at the cows and follow them.  Did I mention that the cows like them.  I would be cutting twine and watching out of the corner of my eye for two little people.  Once Ryder was with me and I couldn’t find Reata.  “Reata, Reata,” I said.  Guess where she was?  In the middle of a corral filled with colts and calves.  No Fear!!  They all just looked and looked at her.  They seem to understand her language she was saying. 
Anyway the feeding got done that day, the babies got a good nap and so did MOM! 
Did I mention?  I love my life.  God has given me a good one and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

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