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A Letter to Every Person Without a Mom on Mother’s Day

A Letter To Every Person Without A Mom On Mothers Day

Mother’s Day…..

a special day to celebrate the life and love between you and one of the most important people in your life. In many cases, our moms have given up a lot for us. They have made countless sacrifices and tried their hardest to love us unconditionally. Mother’s day is a day to celebrate Moms.

Unfortunately, some of us celebrate Mother’s Day without our moms.

I am one of God’s people. But, just because my mom is no longer here, it doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate her. In past years, I’ve learned some reliable mechanisms to make holidays like Mother’s Day more bearable. I have written a few suggestions that have helped me and I want to share them with you………

Time is the best gift:
If you’re lucky enough to spend the day with your mom, I suggest letting her choose the day’s events. Sometimes just sitting and talking means more than a fancy meal at a restaurant, and it definitely means more than a gift card.

While I can’t spend Sunday with my mom, I get to spend the day with my kids and the Mr. I know plenty of women who are great moms, these women help me deal with mom issues and it’s important to spend time with them. Holidays are a good reminder to prioritize all the people we care about. When it comes to building and maintaining meaningful relationships, time is more valuable than money.

Also, think of all the time we did get with our moms. I had 28 years with my mom. I would be lying if I said that was enough time, but I am thankful for the time that I did have with my mom.

Practice self-care with Christ:
My mom was so awesome, but she always took care of everyone except herself. Part of recovering from her loss has been accepting that the best way to show up for others is to first show up for myself. That means that I set aside time each day for some quiet time praying and thinking. Grieving is hard, but time with the One who loves you as a child softens the sharp edges of loss. Think of it like that pre-flight safety announcement: You have to secure your own oxygen mask first. You can’t share peace to your family if you don’t have it yourself!

I am thankful that my mom taught me how to pray and gave me the tools to care for myself by allowing God to take care of me.

Honor all your memories and share them:
Losing my mom does not mean I lost the 28 years we spent together. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on those comforting memories. Picturing the days of my childhood on the back of a horse, with my mother riding right beside me, never fails to make me beam with pride. As I’ve gotten better at riding this thing called life without my mother riding right beside me, I’m able to look back on these memories as more sweet than bitter. Memories are an integral part of who were are, and reflecting on them helps us understand who we have become.

Today and everyday, I will never forget all my mothers memories and I am going to share them with our kids. If we hold these memories inside and never let them out, it’s more hurtful than helpful. Sharing memories helps in the healing/grieving process.

Choose gratitude:
Since losing my mom, I’ve built a life I never could have imagined, and I choose to think it’s because she gave me the skills I would need to succeed. I also choose to believe that my mom would be proud of me. While I wish she could be here to share these days with us all, I’m grateful that she raised me to be a strong and resilient woman. Mothers make the world go round, every single day. Grieving does not negate gratitude. As my mom taught me when I was little, remember to always say “thank you.”

Today and everyday, I thank my mom for all she did for me.

I miss my mom every single day! If your mom has passed from this life to the next, how do you survive Mother’s Day?

O and one more thought….

Don’t be envious or jealous of friends who still have their mothers with them. Be grateful that your friends have their moms to spend the day with and remember, you are not alone! I’ve found that turning the day into a chance for reflecting, reconnecting with people I care about, and letting myself feel however I feel, without judgment, makes it a bit easier. Trust me, you can and will survive Mother’s Day. Hugs to you!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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