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A Glimpse of Ranch Life in My Boots #1

A Glimpse of Ranch Life in My Boots #1

Dance your own Dance. Share your own Story because it is awesome!

A month ago or so, I had a request that I write a diary about what I do everyday. WOW!! I thought. I took the challenge and so here is a few entries.

November 25- Friday. No School!!
5:00 am Alarm Starts going off.
5:30 am Coffee, Praying, Read a couple of verses in Psalms
6:15 am Kids up, Kids Dressed, Hair Combed, Chores (Feed the Chickens, Goats, Cats, Dogs, Bucket Calves, and Horses. Tripp and Tenley Drieling stayed the night with us.
7:00 am The kids and I leave the ranch to head to Bridgeport. Cody takes the feed pick-up and feeds our cattle before heading to town.
8:00 am Arrive at the FeedStore Work a little on the books, Help Customers, wait for Cody to get to town. Cody’s takes tires to be repaired at Coop.
9:30 am We all head to Scottsbluff. We stop at Murdochs for a few ranch supplies, then head to Target to get Reata and Tenley a few girl items.
11:30 am We ate at our Favorite Restaurant. TACO JOHNS!!
12:30 pm We head over to Gering, Nebraska for a special wedding. We have been waiting for this wedding for quite awhile and we all were super excited for Cassie Mulloy and Tim Kampsnider. The wedding and reception was beautiful.
3:30 pm Head back to Bridgeport to the feedstore.
5:30 pm Closed the store. Worked on books
6:00 pm Went to Bar 64 for supper.
8:30 pm Home. Checked on animals, we shut the chickens in.
9:00 pm Prayers and to Bed

My thoughts about this day:
I really have been appreciating the good around me, even the small things. I really appreciated seeing all our neighbors and friends at the wedding. What an awesome community that we live in.

November 26-Saturday.
6:00 am Coffee, Chores, a little Breakfast on the go.Read a few verses in the Bible.
7:00 am Left the ranch to head to Bridgeport. Cody and the boys left to go to Murphy’s to move hay! Murphy’s is a piece of land that Cody and I bought 14 years ago. This piece of land supplies our cattle with most of their winter feed.
8:00 am Opened the FeedStore. Cary (Sister-in-Law) and I started decorating the store for Christmas. We also helped customers, phone calls, emails and etc. 🙂
5:30 pm Headed to the Community Center for a wedding reception for Del and Stacy Kraupie. The Kraupie family has helped me with my ranch rodeo for 10 years. What a special night for a special couple.
8:30 Headed home. It takes us about 1 hour to get from Bridgeport to the ranch.!!
9:30 Home, shut the chickens in. Talked to Cody. Prayed.

My thoughts for this day:
Christmas decorating is not my favorite things to do. We worked our tails off and didn’t even get it all done. On the other hand, the Kraupie wedding reception was beautiful. Congrats to Del and Stacy.

November 27-Sunday.
7:00 am Coffee, made breakfast. After breakfast we all sat around and read from the Bible. We had some family time. It is my favorite.
9:00 am Loaded open cows to take to the sale. Cody and the boys headed back to Murphy’s to move hay. I dropped the twins off at Cary’s in Broadwater.
10:30 am Arrived at the Bridgeport High School to sit on the interview committee for a new ag teacher.
12:30 pm Headed to Scottsbluff. Went to Walmart.
4:30 pm Made it back to the ranch in time to help Kason with homework, to make supper, to do a couple loads of laundry and other mom duties. (I don’t want to talk about it!! 🙂
8:30 Headed to bed. My throat was sore. Prayed.

My thoughts for this day:
We didn’t make it to church today. Does that bother me? Yes, but on the other hand God is with us each minute and I know that God doesn’t judge me on whether I go to church or not. He does care if we spend time with him. I am thankful that he takes care of our family, our animals, our land and those around us. 

November 28-Monday
6:00 am Coffee, Chores, get the kids ready for school
7:00 am Left the ranch to head to school
8:00 am School and to the feedstore. This is what all I did this day, not in order!! Worked on Ladies Day Specials, checked and responded to emails, priced freight, helped customers, got a hair cut, went to the bank, worked on WSRRA stuff, work on the blog, looked at Facebook, chatted with Cary, took phone calls, and etc.
3:30 pm School is out, the kids come to the store. Cade and Kason went to the Community Center to play Basketball.
6:00 pm Head to the grocery store.
7:30 Home, cook supper, got the kids a bath, did the dishes, chatted with Cody who worked around the ranch.
10:00 Hello Bed!! It has been a long day.

My thoughts for this day:
Don’t take the small things for granted. Our time is precious and I don’t want to waste a minute of it.

November 29- Tuesday
6:00 am Coffee, Chores, get the twins ready for school
7:00 am Left the ranch to head to school
8:00 am School and to the feedstore. Another day at the feedstore. Getting ready for our Ladies Day.
3:30 pm Kids out of school.
6:00 pm Kason had basketball practice.
8:00 pm Home, quick supper, kids in a shower
10:00 pm Finally headed to bed, Cody had helped a neighbor today so we talked about our day.

My thoughts for this day:
When you feel happy, I think we should share it the world. Today was one of those days when the day was long but it was good. 

November 30- Wednesday
6:00 am Coffee, Chores, get the twins ready for school, Breakfast on the go
7:00 am Left the ranch to head to school. Cody came with the other pickup. He checked our cows before heading into town.
8:00 am School and to the feedstore
9:00 am Headed to Sterling, Colorado with Cody to get a new puppy. We dropped our car at the repair shop in Sidney, Nebraska.
10:30 am Sterling!! Have you read the story about Red? Well Red’s story doesn’t end there, today we picked up Red’s grandson. He is perfect.
12:00 pm Back to Sidney. Ate Lunch with Cody. Picked up Car for repair shop. The u-joints were bad. Stopped and shopped Walmart a little then headed back to the feedstore.
1:00 pm Feedstore. Worked on the feedstore decorating until about 7:00pm. We stopped at Subway and ate supper on the way home.
10:30 pm Helped Kason with his homework. Finally Bed time. The new puppy cried a lot during the night.

Thoughts for the day:
Today was pretty exciting for me as well as Cody. We loved Red and am happy to have one a puppy with his bloodlines. If you are interested in his story: Red

December 1-Thursday
5:30 Cody headed out to help a neighbor. He feed the cows when he got back home.
6:00 am Coffee, Chores, get the twins ready for school.
7:00 am Left the ranch to head to school
8:00 am School and to the feedstore. Statement Day. We worked on getting ready for our Ladies Day. We stayed late to get the store ready for Ladies Day. Kason had practice
7:30 pm We got supper in town and ate it in the car.
8:30 pm Made it home. Helped Kason with homework. Showers. Laundry. Dishes. Chatted with Cody. Prayed. Worked on the ranch books until my eyes hurt. I mean until they wouldn’t stay open.
11:00 pm Prayed. Good night.

My thoughts today:
If you see something beautiful, speak it. It you are grateful for your loved ones, say it out loud. 

December 2 – Friday
6:00 am Coffee, Chores, get the twins ready for school, Breakfast on the go
7:00 am Left the ranch to head to school.
8:00 am Open the store. Worked on Ladies Day stuff and other feed store activities. (It it Ladies Day yet?) On the other note the store looks awesome. Cary, Cody, Ty, Glen all helped me get the store looking sharp.
2:00 pm Went to the school to watch some Junior High Wrestling and to meet with my Mentee.
3:30 pm HAD A MASSAGE. I had been waiting for this for months and Yes it was amazing.
4:30 pm Back to store. Finished up Ladies Day things.
8.30 pm Home, made supper, helped Kason with homework, you know mom duties like laundry and dishes and such
9:00 pm Headed to bed. Read my Bible and chatted with Cody. Prayed a little more.

My thoughts for today:
If you find yourself struggling to find something to be glad about.. Well, we can be glad to wake up every morning to experience all the ups and downs, wins and challenges. Aren’t we lucky that we can feel, we can dream, we can express and we can learn. Life is good to those who stay humble. 

December 3 -Saturday
5:30 am Coffee, Coffee, Coffee O and it’s Ladies Day.
6:30 am Left the ranch to head to the feedstore. I wanted to be early to get ready for Ladies Day. So what is Ladies Day? It is a day that we have drinks, specials and fun for the Christmas shopping season. Check out our Double A Feeds page on Facebook.
8:00 am The store is open. I have a lot of awesome Friends that come in and help with Ladies Day.
9:00 am – 5:00 The store was busy. It was a great day at Double A Feeds. Thanks for all the help Ladies and thanks for all the shoppers.
2:30 Cody and the kids went to watch our niece play in high school basketball. The kids and Cody did the chores, feed the cattle and then made their way to town.
6:00 pm Headed to Broadwater to help waitress at the Starr Street Diner.
10:00 pm Headed home. Did a little laundry, dishes, chatted with Cody.
11:30 pm Finally home, my feet were tired.

My thoughts for the day:
Shopping in your home town really does make a difference and it takes a team to put on Ladies Day. I am very thankful for all the help. 

I think I will stop for today. My to-do list is getting longer and I think I better get some of that done. I am glad that I can be busy, I am glad that I am learning, I am glad that I have an opportunity to do what I love and I am glad I can do it with people that are near and dear to me. :)What do you think? Should I continue sharing my days with you all?

Happy Friday dear Friends. I would love to hear about your days.

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