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2nd Annual 2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash

2nd Annual 2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash

Top 5 2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riders with Sponsors
Naomi Loomis, Justin Quint, Horny Toad Saddlery, Wesley Rosengreen, Tanner Solberg,
Justin Harvery, Lane Stevenson and Cow Camp Saddlery
(Photo Credit to Buffy Kelly)

The second Ranch Bronc Riding Bash was a success!  Thirty five cowboys came from Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho,Nebraska, Arizona, and South Dakota to ride a ranch bronc. The cowboys and horses put on a western show for the crowd. This event was a 8 Seconds Whiskey 40 point ranch bronc riding! Thank you to all the fans, sponsors, cowboys, chute help, stock contractors, and everyone in between for supporting this event. Here are the 2016 results:

2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Results

Long Go Results:
1st – Lane Stevenson/Wesley Rosengreen
2nd – Cheyenne Seymour
3rd – Andy Sherfey/Mike Birkmaier
4th -Alex Burham/Tanner Solberg/Justin Harvey
5th – Justin Quint/Chris Laucomer/ Colton Vega/Brandon Bowers
6th – Taylor Merrill/Shad Wilsey/Tyler Sherman
7th – Zach Nicely
8th – Jimmy Gebauer, Randel Anderson
9th – Tim Cooper
10th – Jesse Lee Callahan/Bryce Quinn
11th – Cody Anderson

Short Go Results:
1st – Justin Quint on Pokey of the Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock
2nd – Tanner Solberg on Poppy of the Selle Rodeo Productions
3rd – Wesley Rosengreeen on Ruby from the Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock
4th – Lane Stevenson on Plain Jane of the Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock / Justin Harvey on Spur Dog of the Selle Rodeo Productions / Chris Laucomer on Penelope of the Selle Rodeo Productions
5th – Mike Birkmaier on Rosa May of the Selle Rodeo Productions
6th – Brandon Bowers on Chaz Mitchell Custom Hatz of the Selle Rodeo Productions
7th – Alex Burnham on Slippers of the Selle Rodeo Productions
8th – Cheyenne Seymour on Cocoa of the Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock 

2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash – Champion
Justin Quint
(Photo Credit to Buffy Kelly Photography)

Champion: Justin Quint from Akron, Colorado
Justin won a Custom Made hat by Chaz Mitchell Hats, a wild rag by Flat Hat Rags
2nd Place: Wesley Rosengreen from Wheatland, Wyoming
Wesley won a custom made coat by Horny Toad Saddlery, a wild rag by Flat Hat Rags

3rd Place: Lane Stevenson from Bosler, Wyoming
Lane won a pair of slobber straps made by Cow Camp Saddlery, a wild rag by Flat Hat Rags and a bottle of 
4th Place: Tanner Solberg from Richland, Montana
Tanner received a wild rag by Flat Hat Rags

5th Place: Justin Harvery from McFadden, Wyoming
Justin received a wild rag by Flat Hat Rags 

We paid out a total of $5200 in Cash Prizes!!
2016 Ranch Bronc Riders

Announcer/Announcer Help:
Cody Nusbaum, Sue Chaulk, Jenny VanPelt

Thank you Cody, for keeping the audience informed and for helping me with all the contestant books.
Thank you Sue, for our your help with the keeping records and for everything in between.
Thank you Jenny, for saving me.  You are a great friend and I owe you for all your help.

Flag Carriers: Calli Klein, Kaene Isbell

Thank you Calli and Kaene for carrying our American flag and all the WSRRA Flags.  You both did a good job.
Thank you Katie Isbell and Jenny Klein for helping the girls. 

Judges: Kerry Weed and Justin Bilby
Thank you Kerry and thank you Justin for being our Bash judges.  

Arena Help: Lisa Williams
Thank you Lisa for being willing to help me. You are awesome.

Stock Contractors: Bad Medicine Rodeo, H & H Rodeo, Summit Pro Rodeo Broncs and Selle Rodeo Productions
Thank you Stock Contractors for bringing all your great broncs.  Your hard work really shows when they crack the gate.  All I can say is thank you for sharing your horses so we could watch a western show.

Behind the Scenes Help: Cody Loomis, Ty McBride, Aaron Vivion, Jodi Larsen, Rachel Larsen, Sam Rosgreen, Rand Selle, Nate Hiser, Tyler Erickson, Katie Nelson, JD Williams, Dean Anderson, Jared Klein, and everyone else that was behind the scenes helping. 
Without all of your help the show would not go on! Thank you, Thank you!

Pickup Men: Wayne Larsen, Guy Larsen, Rand Selle, Clay Kelly
Thank you for helping us put on a great show.

Admission Help: Cary Leithead, Shelli Micheal, Kori Finneman, Kylie Bowman
Thank you to all of you.  Really, thank you a lot!

Veterinarian: Dr. Brent Kaufman
Thank you for being our Vet. 

Photographers: Buffy Kelly and Andrea Rosengreen
Thank you for capturing our event!  I can not wait to see the photos.
And Thank you, Andrea for all the video!!
VIP: Thank you to the Goshen County Fair Board.  Thank you for all your help and for your hospitality. Thank you to Torrington Ambulance Service. Thank you Justin Quint!

Concessions/Beer Garden: 77 Sports Bar & Grill
Thank you for supporting our event. 

Entertainment: Matt Robertson
Thank you for providing music for our show and after show dance. Big things are coming your way!

Auctioneer: Josh Keller
Thank you Josh, for helping us with the Calcutta, with out any notice.  You did a good job and I am thankful that you were there!

Security: Todd Micheal Thank you Todd, for helping with keeping the peace!! 🙂

Thank you Girls for flying the colors!
(Photo Credit to Katie Isbell)

Thank you to our 2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash Sponsors!

Platte Valley Bank~Torrington, Wyoming
Double A Feeds, Inc ~Bridgeport, Nebraska
Four Three Land & Cattle~Lusk, Wyoming
Panhandle Coop~Nebraska & Wyoming
Allens Part Service~Wheatland, Wyoming
First State Bank~Wheatland, Wyoming
Brindle Saddle Shop~Wheatland, Wyoming
Wolf Auto~Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Harnish Vet Clinic~Wheatland, Wyoming
Laramie Peak Veterinarian Clinic~Wheatland, Wyoming
Wheatland Country Store~Wheatland, Wyoming
Amazing Monogramming~Wheatland, Wyoming
Drube Supply & Hardware~Wheatland, Wyoming

Advertising Sponsor: KNEB~Scottsbluff, Nebraska Thank you for always supporting the Ranch Bronc Bash and for getting the word out!!

Prize Sponsors:
Chaz Mitchell Custom Hats~Newcastle, Utah
Horny Toad Saddlery~Hyannis, Nebraska
Cow Camp Saddlery~Lusk, Wyoming
Flat Top Rags~Loveland, Colorado
8 Seconds Whiskey

Host Hotel:
American Best Value Motel~Torrington, Wyoming

Nights Entertainment Sponsor featuring Matt Robertson:
Frasch Trucking Inc~Miles City, Montana
Gumbo Lilies~Miles City, Montana

Without the help of our sponsors, the Bash would not of happened.  Thank you SPONSORS! 

2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riders

To all you Cowboys:
Thank you for making our 2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding Bash a SUCCESS!
What do you think, should we do it again next year?

2016 WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riders

Jimmy Gebaur-Akron, Colorado
TeJay Fenster- Clearwater, Nebraska
Justin Quint-Akron, Colorado
Jed Roark- Saratogo, Wyoming
Rand Selle-Dixon, Wyoming
Andy Sherfey – Lisco, Nebraska
Brandon Bowers – Sheridan, Wyoming
Wesley Rosengreen – Wheatland, Wyoming
Chris Laucomer-Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Tim Cooper-McFaden, Wyoming
Justin Harvey-McFaden, Wyoming
Shad Wilsey-Kremmling, Colorado
Tanner Solberg-Richland, Montana
Colton Vega-Pollock, South Dakota
Taylor Merrill-Blackfoot, Idaho
Charles Delyea-Douglas, Wyoming
Tyson Hauber-Laramie, Wyoming
Zach Nicely-Torrington, Wyoming
Brittany Miller-Dillon, Montana
Lane Stevenson, Bosler, Wyoming
Cheyenne Seymour-Rozet, Wyoming
JW Thrush- Weston, Wyoming
Tyler Sherman-Thermopolis, Wyoming
Jesse Zentner-Malad, Idaho
Bryce Quinn-Prescot, Arizona 
Conner Zwire- Laramie, Wyoming
Jesse Callahan- Imperial, Nebraska
Lane Lamphere-Sturgis, South Dakota
Mike Burtenshaw- Buffalo, Wyoming 
Randel Anderson- Wiggins, Colorado
Cody Anderson- Wiggins, Colorado
JP Schoefield- Jelm, Wyoming
Chris Birkmaier-Torrington, Wyoming
Dane Trumbull_Torrington, Wyoming 
Alex Burham- Saco, Montana

I would like to Thank ALL my friends and family who helped make the Ranch Bronc Riding a success.  It was a fun filled night.  We are thankful for our crew.


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