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2019 Has Taken us on a Detour


What a year for us on the Circle L.

It has taken us on a little detour for sure but we also learned a few lessons.

You see, just when we thought we had the ranching business figured out, 2019 came along.

I know that God is in control but isn’t funny when we think we have it all under control and we have these goals in mind, that God reminds us, that he is in full control.

I mean, who would of ever thought that we would have two, (2) storms that they called Bomb Cyclones, aka, a blizzard hurricane in the same month that produced strong winds and floods.

Who would of ever thought we would have a cows-belly-deep in green grass but that they grass didn’t have really any nutritionally value. You see, our cows had enough grass to eat, mineral and protein to meet their needs but all the storms really took a beating to their bodies. Some of the older cows didn’t make it, some of the younger cows didn’t either. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t try to take of our cattle to the best of our abilities, it means that the weather didn’t help us out.

Who every would of thought that 2019 would be the year that we had to change our financial plans because of the high cost of living and the low price of our calves. We planned to upgrade some of our equipment and put some money away for a new barn but we had to put those goals on hold and purchase more cows.

Even thou 2019, sent us on a detour we did learn a few lessons:

We are stronger than we think.

Time is precious.

Just Keep Faith and Stay Humble

You see, 2019 sent us on a detour. A detour that has cause me to cry and to laugh. A detour that has made me mad and made me happy. I know that life is full of ups and downs, and it is full of detours. I have often joked that God laughs when we make plans because He knows the true path your life will take, and sometimes it isn’t the one you are planning on.

Despite this fact, it is important to keep making plans, keep dreaming, keep living. And when the detours come, take them with excitement for the opportunities they will present. I am grateful for the new perspective I have and for the view I see from the road I am on.

Happy New Year! 2020- we are coming at you like a bug in a hot skillet!!

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  1. Naomi if Anyone can figure it out U 2 can. Just keep the Faith ,, my go to scripture John 3:30. To make him greater and me lesser. Try to look be by that and let God be in control. Ron

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