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2015 Nebraska State Fair WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding

2015 Nebraska State Fair WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding

(PHOTOS By Kelsey Sherfey)
2015 Nebraska State Fair WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riders, myself
and judges.
I thought I would share some photos with you all from the 2015 Nebraska State Fair WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riding in Grand Island, Nebraska. This was the 6th Ranch Bronc Riding that I have produced this year.
The event was a success, thanks for all the sponsors, contestants and all my help.
The following folks deserve a huge THANK YOU!
~Jason Mathis-Announcer
~Sue Chaulk & Teresa Bowman-Office Help
~Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock
~Cody Loomis, Ty McBride, Aaron Vivion, Cade Yates, Dusty Hartmann, Levi Hartmann – Behind the chutes
~Rand Selle & Wayne Larsen- Pickup Men
~Cary Leithead- Judge Help
~Kelsey Sherfey-Photos
~Stephen Snow & Terry Powell- Judges
~Double A Feeds, Inc., Corman Seed Company & Channel Hybrid, Zoetis, VitaFerm
Thank you to Ryan Kurcera and family for helping me with the bucking chutes.

Thank you to the Nebraska State Fair Board for inviting me to put on a Ranch Bronc Ride. Thank you Les Zadina for all your help.

We bucked 20 head of Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock in one hour and ten minutes.  
Thank you Kelsey Sherfey for taking my camera over.  These shots are awesome!! Good Job and Thanks!!
Happy looking!
Being a Producer takes time, patience, and a little luck.
Thank you all for supporting my dreams
Thank you Jason for announcing.

 (Editor Notes: I have to apologize for not knowing all the names of the cowboys in the pictures.)

Bad Medicine Rodeo Stock~ They made the whole Show!
Thank you Wayne, for being my support!! Wayne has helped me
put on 6 great shows.
Arena dirt is the best!!
Ranch Broncs make life interesting. 

Chute Help and Judges~ 5 VIP 

Justin Quint~WSRRA Ranch Bronc Rider Director
And the SHOW wouldn’t be a Show without these Cowboys.  Thank you Cowboys!

 The 2015 Nebraska State WSRRA Ranch Bronc Riders included:

Zach Burden, Patrick Burton, Tehl Kursave, Jason Long, Chris Laucomer, JP Schoefield, Wesley Rosengreen, Regan Bader, Cory Bullington, Alvin Yoder, Tyler Meekma, Gatlenn Huddleston, Jesse Lee Callahan, Andy Sherfey, Jim Gebauer, Justin Quint, Ray Simite, Lukas Rupprecht, David Ulch and JW Schmid.

Left to Right: Justin Quint, Andy Sherfey, Jesse Lee Callahan,
Gatlenn Huddleston, Jim Gebauer, Alvin Yoder

Bronc Riders are my favorite, they are so fun!

Wayne carrying our American Flag

Thank you Rand Selle for being a pick-up man!!

Ranch Bronc Ridings take a crew and I am so thankful for each
one of them.

If you ever want to know what TEAM WORK is all about,
you need to come watch a Ranch Bronc Riding.

Andy Sherfey

Andy Sherfey

Jim Gebauer

 I have to report that this Cowboy was ok and
he took his Reride.

Cowboys are the toughest guys I know!

Alvin Yoder
David Ulch


“Getting Air”
This is one of my favorite photos!! 

Cary and Stephen

Chris Laucomer

Alvin Yoder

Odd Ball

Wesley Rosengreen on Blue Storm

Wesley did a trick show for us!! Blue Storm wanted Wes to dance a little!!

Wayne~Thank you for everything!!


Gatlenn Huddleston

Justin Quint

Medicine Women

Jesse Lee Callahan~Thank you for your support!!

Teresa, Sue and Jason~ 3
important people that made
this year’s event a success!

JW Schmid

Reata.. A little dirt never hurt.

Ryder.. Boys will be Boys

Kelsey I really like this photo!!

Jesse Lee on his ReRide Horse.

My Cowboy… Thank you for always supporting ME!

2015 Nebraska State WSRRA Ranch Bronc CHAMPION~David Ulch~

Splitting 2nd – Justin Quint, Jim Gebauer, Wesley Rosengreen

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